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About Print3d

PRINT3D Industries is a company with innovation in mind. It was founded in 2017 after the observation that research and pharma have a substantial demand for rapid development of prototypes, whereas in practice this proves to be a very costly and sluggish procedure.

Our mission is therefore to streamline this process, going from idea to final product in a matter of weeks instead of months. Making optimal use of high end CAD drawing software and 3D printing technology ensures we can keep this promise.

PRINT3D founder Rieuwert Hoppes has extensive experience in (fundamental) research. After two extensive internships at the AMC hospital in Amsterdam (dept. of Retrovirology) and the NIH in Washington DC (dept. of Virology), he has worked as a researcher at the RIVM (dept. of waterborne diseases) and as PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (dept. of Chemical Biology). He then started working for the Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson and Johnson (Janssen Biologics) for two years, after which he went on to start PRINT3D.

With this strong background in research and pharma, PRINT3D has a natural focus on designing products specifically for companies operating in life sciences. We know exactly the specifications products used in the lab or a production environment should meet.

To the process!

Building the part

Together with you we first define the design specifications, after which we draw a digital 3D model using CAD software. Depending on the material requirements we then 3D print in-house or have the part produced by one of our preferred partners.

Product requirements

We will work with you on which material to use, an important concern due to the harsh environments to which parts may be exposed. The item might need to be sterilized by autoclaving or gamma sterilisation. Will it be subject to stress or just be used to verify the required dimensions?

Interesting fact

Did you know SpaceX's Superdraco engine has a 3D printed engine chamber? 3D printing already is commonplace technology in the automotive and aviation industries. Hover over the image to see what they have to say about it.

Let's Get In Touch!

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